Freelancing Career Tips On How To Make Money

Freelancing Career Tips On How To Make Money

Part I – Create an impressive freelancer’s profile

As the freelancing career continues to expand and entice more online job seekers to give this online opportunity on how to make money a fair try, competition gets tougher. That’s why it is important to anyone wishing to work online to have an impressive profile. Creating an impressive profile is very crucial because this is the first basis on how you will present yourself to your future employers, plus the fact that most of the time, they don’t actually see you physically. Knowing what to put exactly in your freelancer’s profile will separate you from the rest of the applicants. This will be your weapon to stir an employer’s attention to take time and read your profile. Below are some tips in creating an impressive profile. Get valuable insights or ideas that would be useful and make the necessary adjustments as you construct your first draft to make it more appealing and in perfect blend with your target on how to make money as a top-notch freelancer.

  1. Start a detailed outline on how you will write your profile. In case the freelance site where you want to create an account and post your profile has already a uniformed format, follow their instructions and enhance it by providing all the needed information such as:
  2. Your personal details like the name you prefer to use. You can either use your full name or a company name if you belong in a group of freelancers. Don’t forget to attach a clear photo or your company logo, anything that would best represent your personality. Ensure that the employer gets the impression that there is a real person behind that profile.
  3. Highlight your skill by assessing accurately your own potentials and real capabilities. When we say “real” this refers to whatever skills or relevant working experiences you have stated on your profile are your expertise and not just written to impress a potential client. Be honest on what level of experience you have like your knowledge on certain programs or software tools because you might be tested before getting hired. I’m sure you don’t want to look silly if they asked you to perform a particular test and failed to execute it with such expertise.
  4. Include all your past and relevant projects. Just like any ordinary job application, you need to show proofs of past work experiences, good track record of excellent performances and projects you have done for other clients. Attach referrals and feedbacks, both from past employers and existing ones who believe in your capabilities as a freelance worker. Since, most of these job applications are done online, don’t forget to add links to projects that you made to showcase your work and credibility. Always double check if the links or urls that you gave are still working. You don’t want to submit a link that isn’t there anymore or not clickable at all. This is a minus point on your application already and will not help you succeed with your mission on how to make money online as a freelancer.
  5. Get certified. Some employers prefer applicants that are certified for the positions being offered online. In order for you to have an edge among other freelancers, include those certifications you have that are relevant to your educational attainment as well as other qualifying exams that will prove your skills for a particular project or online work. Most outsourcing and other freelance sites require their members to take the skills tests to gauge their competency level and rating. These qualifying tests will be your proof whether you are indeed fitted for that available online job position or not.

Part II – Enhance your freelance career through social media

Do you want to enhance your freelancing career? If your answer is a big “Yes”, then this is the perfect time to do some research and gather as much verifiable feedback from fellow freelancer as to what strategies they have come up to enhance their careers and find ways on how to make money online effectively.

Maybe, you will be asking yourself, what else do I need to get noticed? Even if you have an impressive profile with sufficient work samples in your portfolio, the journey on how to make money online doesn’t stop from there. You need to level up my online career and outshine the many freelancers competing for the same online work position.

Let me share with you one great tool proven to be useful and cost-effective, the use of social media. We heard successful stories of businesses that have used social media and experienced remarkable sales increase or website traffic back to their websites. Did you know that when used appropriately, social media can be your perfect partner to market your freelancing career on the web community? This task can be quite easy if you already have some idea on how social media works. In the event you aren’t aware on how to use these famous social media platforms, take time reading these tips, so that your efforts could bring tremendous positive results and help you handle your target on how to make money quickly via online.


Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account, but did you know that you can use this channel for your freelancing career. Facebook is a social media platform that you should not miss because this site has many active users and your chances of promoting your services as a freelancer is unlimited. Be ready to tap the right people or group to connect.


This social media platform is also a great venue to market your online career as a freelancer. Whatever expertise you have at the moment, whether you are into writing, blogging, web designing, programming and a lot more, LinkedIn will be a good source of prospective employers who might need your service. Increase your network of friends for their referrals. So, better come up with an impressive profile and sign-up for a LinkedIn account.


Another social media platform proven to be very efficient and influential to another group of online users, mostly professionals, business owners or corporate executives is the Twitter. This networking site also holds a big percentage of followers, so your effort of taking this route to advertise isn’t wasted. Be sure to know the right people to follow.

Google +

Google + is already making room for individuals more focus on technical issues. If your field of expertise is more on the technical side, this social medial tool can be a considerable site to reach out and become involved.


Another successful social media tool is the use of forums. Here, you get the chance to share your ideas, creativity and feedback. If you want to make use of forums as your strategic move to market your freelance career, consider a specific niche and know your target where it could be best to share your thoughts. Of course, you want to engage in a conversation where you are completely knowledgeable, rather than talk without sense or lead.

Part III – Manage your time wisely

Whether you are planning do this job as part time or your main source of income to fulfill your goal on how to make money online, it is a fact that some freelancers find it hard to juggle all their activities, appointments and work schedules at the same time.

Being able to work within the comforts of your home is already a privilege. Keep in mind, not all are given the chance to do this kind of profession. If you are one of those lucky guys getting paid big bucks to do online work, you must value your online work and make extra effort to fully comply with all your deadlines. To make things a lot easier on your part, here are 7 effective ways that you could apply in your daily schedules as a freelancer:

  1. Create a detailed work plan

Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom to choose the days and time you can work. Although, those working full-time have to spend longer hours finishing deadlines for their various employers, creating a detailed work plan will set a clear direction of what task needs to be done.

  1. Prioritize your task

Learn to prioritize your task accordingly.  Assess the level of importance of the work assigned to you and from there decide which comes first.  A professional freelancer who values his orher employers would always comply strictly with the agreed deadlines. In the event you finished ahead of schedule, review and polish your work.

  1. Create a clutter free working environment

Sometimes, the surroundings in your workplace can affect your output. Get rid of all the clutter by organizing your stuff and putting them in their right places. A workplace that is clean, clutter free and well-lighted will inspire any worker to do better and think clearly.

  1. Take a time out from work

Don’t overwork yourself. If you have been sitting in front of the PC or laptop for the whole day, then, this is the perfect time to stop and take a break. Remember, all work and no play makes a person dull. Do something you love to do like a walk in the park or spending some quality time with your loved ones can do wonders to you as an individual and as a worker.

  1. Avail online tools to manage and track your time and schedules

With the continuous development of our technology, there are now online tools available for all individuals who want to accurately track their time and schedules. For listing purposes, the best online tool is the Remember the Milk, you can use calendar tool for all those deadlines and a time tracker is very useful to record your time spent on work and other activities.

  1. Be a goal-oriented person

Determine your goals as a freelancer and from there decide what you must do to achieve each objective. For example, if there is a tight deadline, be flexible enough and avoid doing unnecessary things that would delay your work like checking every now and then emails or updating your Facebook account while working.

  1. Love your work

If you intend to pursue the freelance work as your lifetime career and get more chances on how to make money online, then, learn to love what you do. Find ways on how you can enhance your skills and be an expert in what you have to offer.

The freelance market is one of the most lucrative industries that anybody can set his or her foot given the chance. A promising future awaits anyone who is willing to invest his or her time on it. Grab it and be one of those freelance workers who are financially rewarded in the end.

Building up your freelancer’s profile takes a lot of time. It is a continuous process of tasking tests to get qualified, getting additional training in order to add your skills, knowledge and putting up all your finished projects into one impressive portfolio for you to be considered as a reliable and efficient freelancer and be considered all the time among the A-list of online applicants.

If you are a newbie in the freelance industry, then, come up with a profile stating all your personal, educational and skills attainments and don’t be afraid to cite only what you can do for now. Remember as you gain experience, that builds up your profile. You can slowly take each step at a time and surely you will also reach the ladder of success. Dare to be different in the freelance world by doing the best you can in the field you want to concentrate and execute whatever project you win with utmost professionalism, patience and honesty.

Well, I do hope you have learned some relevant insights from this topic. Decide which among these areas you want to focus first, then, make a detailed outline of your working plan. Remember, all these tasks require ample of time to accomplish and preparedness, so no need to hurry. Take your time and give it your best shot on how to make money online.

Freelancing Career Tips On How To Make Money

Freelancing Career Tips On How To Make Money

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