Surest Ways To Make Money: Do Online Tutoring

Are you still searching for ways to make money from home? You can try online tutoring, especially if you have certain field of expertise or specialization that online users could learn and benefit along the process. Here are 3 major areas I will discuss to help you become an online tutor.

Surest Ways To Make Money: Do Online Tutoring


I – Make a final decision

  • Find out if online tutoring is your ideal online job


    • If you want to find ways to make money while staying home, make up your mind about this online career as online tutor. Do you have the passion to work with other people? Do you have the patience to discuss again a lesson if an online student requested? Online tutoring is one of the surest ways to make money without having to leave your home. You get paid for every hour’s work you do online. In the event, you haven’t done this type of online job get as much information about the requirements in order to get started. You can also visit reputable online tutoring websites to get a feel on how their online tutoring system works.
  • Assess you qualifications for an online tutoring position


    • It is vital that you perform extensive assessment on your present qualifications, whether you are fit to assume this type of online job or not. Determine the subject areas where you have extensive knowledge or expertise like in business, finance, accounting, web designing or medicine. Remember, your online students will be relying on you for their source of information, so you must be equipped with enough ideas and tools to ensure they learn from you. Make sure your educational and professional background is sufficient for the subject area you wish to teach online. For example, if you want to teach newbie entrepreneurs on how to start a small business, you must at least graduated with a university degree in business related courses or you also managed your own business, so that you can give your online students real life experiences in managing any size of business. Keep in mind, never attempt to teach a subject area which you don’t have knowledge or experience to avoid being fired due to your incompetency.
  • Decide how much you will charge your online students


  • If you have an impressive resume and work history as an online tutor, you can demand a higher fee. On average, an online tutor who offers online tutoring on complicated subject matters are paid on average of $15 to $55 per hour. Other expert online tutors prefer they get paid per session or per module. Whatever you prefer as your mode of payment, this is still one of the best ways to make money from home. Don’t forget to clarify with the online school or online tutoring website their charges and other add-on fees if you will work under their online tutoring programs. Aside from that, you also need to take into account the resource materials like workbooks and videos you will provide your online students.

II – Start your online tutoring plan

  • Draft your curriculum for your online tutoring program.


    • You can use any online tool to help you with this task, either through the use of spreadsheet or any software program that will allow you to create illustrations, maps and charts. You must come prepared for every online class you accepted. For example, if you are tutoring foreign online students to speak and write the English language fluently, you must provide them relevant lessons that will improve their verbal and written communication on this particular language. If this is your first time to do English tutoring online, seek the professional advice of other English teachers who are also doing online tutoring to get an idea on how they prepare their curriculum and online tutor lesson plans. You can also visit websites that provide assistance to online educators like you. Remember, your curriculum must address the specific needs o your online students, regardless it’s a one-on-one session or per group. You must also have a grading system to check the overall learning progress of your students.
  • Create your online script or presentation.


    • The only similarity that you will notice when teaching from a traditional classroom and virtual classroom is your script or presentation. Prepare in advance what you want to say with your online class. Bring out your ideas in various methods like visuals, videos or online references, so that your online students will find them interesting and not boring. In the event, you see a student lagging behind your lessons for the day, do the necessary adjustments or provide that particular student additional resources where he or she can learn during his or her free time.
  • Equip your online tutoring with various materials.


    • This is imperative if you want to retain the focus of your online students, have enough materials that you could give to your students like audio or video clips, pictures and other learning tools that they will not find in an ordinary classroom. Make sure you make a compilation of all your resource materials and save them on Google doc, so that you can have quick access anytime, even while you are teaching.
  • Invest in a credible internet service company.


    • This is a major concern if you are really determined to find ways to make money while in front of your PC or laptop, get a reliable internet package plan from a credible internet service provider to ensure you don’t get disrupted from your online work as an online tutor. Other tools and equipment that will help your perform efficiently with your online tutoring job is a top performing headset and microphone and webcam.
  • Select the most suitable online platform where you can do online tutoring, videoconferencing and webinars.


    • Among these recommended platforms are Google Hangouts or Sykpe where you can teach and share screenshots with your online students.
  • Determine your mode of payment.


    • Of course, if you will do any online work like online tutoring, you need to determine how your online students will pay you, especially if you will be a freelancer. The most used channel where payments can be sent is through Paypal while some pay directly via wire transfers. Make sure you consider the charges for using these venues to accept your payments.
  • Perform some test drive.


  • This is crucial before you go live and teach with real online students perform test drive with your friends. You can request a friend to pretend to be one of your online students. Don’t forget to get the feedback or comments of your friends on the experience while you are holding your online class session. Take any feedback, both negative and positive on a lighter perspective and use their suggestions to improve your online tutoring performance.

III – Entice more online students to avail your online tutoring services

  • Give complete contact details.


    • Make sure you give your potential clients your complete contact details, so that they could easily reach you when they need your online tutoring services. You can also give friends, businesses near you and public places like libraries and cafes your business cards. You can also post advertisements of your online tutorial courses and fees on local community billboards and online sites that accept ads free. You need to ensure there are various ways to contact you easily, whether via internet, phone or email.
  • Keep a record of potential clients.


    • If you really online tutoring as of the ideal ways to make money from home, build your list of network that can be your source of recommendation, referrals or prospects. In order to succeed on this objective, why not offer free trial session to interested individuals or groups of online students who wish to avail your online tutoring services.
  • Post ad campaigns of your professional tutoring services.


    • Visit credible websites like Craigslist and post your ad campaigns. This is an effective way to reach as many online viewers who are in need of online tutors, either for themselves, children or company’s enhancement program for their employees.
  • Register on accredited outsourcing agencies and other freelancing websites.


    • If you want full assurance that you succeed with your target of finding the best ways to make money as online tutor is by registering on accredited outsourcing agencies, freelancing sites and other online tutoring websites where they post online jobs. If you need to sign-up before you can access their data bank of available online jobs, then, join and enjoy the privileges offered only to their exclusive members.
  • Retain contacts of your past students.


  • In the event you have been doing online tutoring jobs, retain contacts of your past students because you never know when they will need your online tutoring services. In fact, you can send emails of your latest online tutor classes and give them discounts if they decided to avail your tutoring programs.

How to be a top-notch online tutor?

Online tutoring is a skill that can be acquired through constant tutoring. This type of online job requires a good deal of dedication, love for tutoring, patience and wide knowledge of the subject matter you wish to teach online. If you really want to use online tutoring as one of the best ways to make money while staying in the comforts of your home, here are some of the things you need to focus your attention:

I – Assess your online student’s learning needs

  • Check what they already know.


    • This is your initial task whenever you accept students for your online tutoring programs check each student’s level of knowledge, specifically on the areas they already know, so that you won’t be wasting your time and theirs as well and avoid boredom during your online tutor sessions. If you have time, make a survey on what they know, what they expect from taking these online tutoring sessions and how you can help them achieve their personal goals.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask where they need tutoring assistance.


    • Again, this is crucial before you carry on with your online tutoring modules, ask your students which areas or subjects they are having difficulty, so that you can customized your lessons to cater their specific learning requirements.
  • Be partners.


    • If you want to succeed with your online tutoring career and meet your students’ expectations, both parties should be partners along this learning journey, you as their teacher and your students. Make an effort to reach out and motivate them to work as one team in order to achieve a favorable outcome, you sharing your knowledge to your students and in return your students learning everything they need to know from this tutoring session. For example, if you have given them projects with set deadline, make sure they follow the schedule of submission.
  • Keep track of your student’s performance.


  • Make a record for each student’s performance on the learning modules he or she is enrolled. Input correctly the results of exams, projects as well as other forms of tests that will gauge their present standing. Recognize any improvement of your student’s level of progress. Give encouragement when needed and if you need to push a student to excel more do your best to enhance their learning capacity.

II – Implement a proper layout of your online tutoring sessions

  • Make a recap of any lesson you covered per day.


    • Discuss again previous lessons, so that you know if they have a good grasp of what you have discussed. If you noticed there is a need to stay longer on a particular module, so that every student could catch up, then, explain further until you can sense their fulfillment on that particular session.
  • Assist those students with special needs.


    • Every student is unique and may have special needs. If you want to stay longer in this online community offering your online tutoring services, then, assist each student depending on his or her personal learning requirement. For example, if a student is performing poorly despite on your extended hours of online tutoring, give that particular student additional assignments or resource materials like workbooks where he or she could put into practice what he or she has learned on that day.
  • Target a main goal.


    • Again, focus on your main goal as an online tutor. If you want to ensure all your students finished your modules with flying colors, make is your mission that every student must do his or her best while you do your part as their online tutor. Make realizable target per day and avoid rushing your students to learn everything you discussed on one session within a limited timeframe. Be open to more exercises and assignments if you want to see amazing results on your students’ overall performance. Keep in mind, practice makes perfect.
  • Take a quick break.


    • Never expose your online students to non-stop learning. Take a break of at least 5 minutes where you and your online students could do some stretches, especially if they have been sitting in front of their PCs for a long time.
  • Go with the flow.


    • What I mean go with the flow is try to blend with your students. No need to present yourself as the strict online tutor whom they should follow in order to pass the lesson. For example, if your online students consist of younger individuals, why not adopt a lighter atmosphere where your students can freely express their opinions, views or sentiments with regards to the lessons you discussed on that particular day. Sometimes, being open-minded could bring favorable results to your students with regards to their cooperation.
  • Make your students look forward to your online tutoring sessions.


  • A good online tutor is someone whom the students would love to meet each day and look forward for their new lessons or activities. Make your virtual class a fun learning atmosphere.

III – Establish lasting relationship

  • Your online career as an online tutor could be a rewarding online job if you established a lasting relationship with your students, both old and new. In fact, if a student really had a worthwhile learning experience while availing your online tutorial classes, he or she will be very happy to refer you to their friends who also need professional tutoring.
  • Share your own learning experiences. Make them feel that you share the same sentiments whenever they feel down if they cannot easily absorb what you are teaching.
  • Teach in good mood, so that the atmosphere will be full of positive vibes even if you are just viewing each other’s faces via Skype.
  • Don’t let personal problems affect your tutorial classes. If there is a present family issue needing your attention, but you need to report to your online work, prioritize your online job because these students are also busy individuals who took time to be present on your sessions.
  • Communicate clearly is another effective approach to ensure your online students fully understood what you have discussed. Speak loud enough for the other person on the other end to hear what you have to say. Avoid languages that are too technical. If you are discussing a very complex subject matter, give more time for students to understand the terms by explaining in a way they can easily grasp what you want to convey.

These are just of the amazing ideas that you can do online if you are searching for various ways to make money while staying comfortable at home in front of your PC or laptop. Take this new online career seriously by doing your best to help every student level up their knowledge on areas that you are an expert. The latest technological advancement happening to our present generation has indeed changed the manner on how we can work and earn a steady income. If you are 100% sure and confident that you can perform the online tutoring job effectively, why not give it a try and explore other ways to make money.

Surest Ways To Make Money: Do Online Tutoring

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