Ways To Make Money Online: Manage Your Freelance Work

Freelance work is regarded as one of the coolest ways to make money online because it can give us the luxury to combine work while enjoying a much awaited holiday travel with family members or loved ones. Learning to manage time properly as a freelancer is of great importance, especially if you have a project that requires completion even while on vacation. Below are helpful tips that you can apply while spending a holiday, then finishing a work on a tight deadline and at the same time looking for ways to make money via internet.

Ways To Make Money Online: Manage Your Freelance Work

What to do with your freelance work during a holiday break?

1.Gear yourself with the needed work materials and tools

If you will be traveling, then, it would be appropriate to properly gear yourself with all the needed gadgets, tools and other work materials that will allow you to do your freelance work while on holiday. Laptops, portable modem for internet connection especially if you are not sure if there is wifi connection in the area you are going, memory stick and other helpful tools must be included in your list of what to bring.

2.Schedule your working hours from holiday activities

Managing your time could help do more productive hours for work and play. Set a schedule of the activities you need to do in a day. Following a detailed list of what needs to be done will provide you more time to enjoy your holiday. If you need to do some work, find the best time when you can do it like when all the children are in bed exhausted from a day’s outing or getting up early the next day to catch up with work and have the remaining hours of the day for pure relaxation.

3.Find an appropriate working area

Finding an ideal workplace while on a holiday trip can be very challenging, especially if the environment is too inviting to just relax or have a dip in the pool. Find a quiet part of the place where you can focus on your work. If your hotel room has a balcony, then when everyone is out, confine yourself there and do as much work as you can without any disturbance while at the same time enjoying the fresh breeze or wonderful view.

4.Limit other forms of distraction

Since you are on a vacation, you cannot help if the present atmosphere isn’t conducive for your concentration when doing any freelance work like children playing around or passersby, especially if you have decided to work in the hotel visitor’s lounge area. Arm yourself with a pair of quality earphones to lessen the noise and select a corner place to avoid getting distracted. This will help you get on with your mission, finish your online work and be one of the surest ways to make money while on a holiday break.

5.Have fun

One of your main reasons for going on a holiday is to have fun and reward yourself for working hard on the different ways to make money online. Don’t stress yourself with these deadlines. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the place and rare opportunity to be with your loved ones. There is a time for everything like finding ways to make money online, but for now, you just need to unwind and have fun even for an hour or two everyday while on vacation leave, then, later continue whatever work that needs to be done. Proper allocation of your available hours for all these various ways to make money online in a day is very crucial, so that you can maximize whatever time left for this holiday.

How about when you are unable to finish a project due to sickness?

 One of the greatest fears of freelancers who are on the lookout for unique ways to make money online is the compelling issue of “getting sick”. Yes, freelancers dread the idea of having illnesses that will prevent them from doing any freelance work or completing a project on time. But, we cannot prevent this from affecting us because we are all human beings and sometimes prone to different types of illnesses or diseases like flu, colds and allergies, no matter how hard we try to protect ourselves. How do we handle a situation like this, being sick and having to face delay of any existing projects? Remember, there might be unavoidable circumstances that may lessen our chances of finding ways to make money from home like a terrible flu. Here are 5 ways that freelancers can do when unable to comply with a work assignment or meet deadlines because of sickness.

1.Don’t add more stress to your sickness

Experiencing a throbbing headache, runny nose and watery eyes due to a flu virus just hit me recently that kept me at bay from finishing any writing task I have as a freelance writer. Any current conditions like these inhibit any good writer from producing well-written contents. Although, I was more concerned with what my employers’ reaction would be, since I cannot continue with my writing task, I tried to stay calm and assessed the specific needs of my clients. In a situation like this, adding stress to oneself is a big “No” because it could worsen your present health conditions. Clear your thoughts and find a solution. I’m sure you will bounce back from this sickness and catch up with your target of search for legitimate ways to make money while in the comforts of your home or on holiday break.

2.Weigh in your existing projects level of importance

Some freelancers try their best to look for ways to make money online and carry on with their working activities even when infected with some illness, but if you have a project that requires thorough mental analysis or intensive writing, then, having discomforts like severe headache will prevent you from doing the task delivering a satisfying output. The best solution is notify your employer the soonest possible time so that he or she can make a decision, whether to change the date of submission or find replacement, especially if your sickness worsens and he or she cannot face a delay.

3.Avoid doing unnecessary activities

In events that your boss agreed that you have some off days to rest until you feel much better, try to avoid doing unnecessary activities like checking emails, sending replies or searching for ways t make money. Give yourself a break from your PC or laptop and use this time to sleep.

4.Consult your doctor

If you think your colds worsen, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis of your illness, so that correct treatment would be applied to make you better and help you get on with your freelancing work.

5.Get a health insurance

Freelancing work doesn’t guarantee us medical benefits or paid sick leaves, unlike workers in offices who have these privileges. We must get ourselves insured for health services that we might need in the future, either for annual check-up or sickness. Look for the best health insurance package that is within your budget.

How to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle as a freelancer?

Working your way as a freelancer may require a great deal of time and energy. As we tend to manage our busy schedules, we often find ourselves hard to relax. We are mostly confined in one room of our houses, glued in front of our PCs or laptops trying to meet deadlines and unknowingly we are putting our health at risk or worst of all living a stressful life. Remember, no matter how busy and tied-up we are in meeting deadlines or getting relevant sources on ways to make money while in the comforts of your home, we still need to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle to cope up with the growing demands of our freelance careers as well as the complexities attached to this promising career. Here are 6 effective ways to guide us to a healthier lifestyle that is stress free and more enjoyable.

  1. Observe a well-proportioned weight

According to surveys, most people who are always sitting, doing their online work like the freelancers are more prone to being obese because they don’t have time to be more active as they spend longer hours doing computer work. If you want to stay healthy and maintain an ideal weight, make an effort to avoid snacking too much while you work. Don’t skip meals, then later on eat a huge meal to cover-up any missed meal for the day. Always eat a nutritious meal and if still hungry, take a light snack in between. A well- proportioned weight will allow you to work more freely without getting tired easily as compared to an overweight person.

2.Have a well-rested sleep

Based on medical studies, our bodies need at least 8 good hours of well-rested sleep for it to regenerate. A person deprived from sleep becomes moody and has the tendency to concentrate poorly on his or her work. Having a good night sleep will allow a person’s body and mind to function at its best, thus, making each freelance task as manageable no matter how complicated it maybe and finding ways to make money online a lot easier.

3.Take a 10 minute walk

Prolong sitting in front of the computer is not good for one’s health and mental focus. This may even lead to “computer vision syndrome”, wherein any individual may experience severe headaches, tired or weary eyes, neck pains and blurred visions. To prevent this from happening, take a 10 minute break. You can either stand up and do some stretches or go for a walk. Don’t confine yourself to your room or workplace. Get some fresh air during your free time and for sure when you resume to work, you are more prepared to focus on any task like your mission on getting a complete list of ways to make money from home.

4.Reward yourself with something you like or love

Working very hard may sometimes make you feel weary and totally drained. Treat or reward yourself for any work done successfully with something you like or love to do like going out with your loved ones for a dinner, movie or traveling somewhere nice to relax. Other simple things that you love to do such as baking or gardening could help you unwind and remove your thoughts from a hectic schedule. Keep in mind that all work and no play will make a person dull.


The best way to achieve a healthier lifestyle is by doing some forms of exercises. A 30 minute brisk walking is good for the heart and may even relieve any forms of stress. This will also help you achieve a focused mind to achieve your online target of finding various ways to make money online.

6.Stay happy

Don’t be too hard on yourself by setting goals that are too hard to accomplish or unrealistic. Keep in mind that there are days that no matter how focus we are, there are instances we encounter failure or not finish any online work due to events beyond our control like a power shortage or a computer bug affecting our PC delaying any work. Accept these challenges as part of your freelance work and face them positively because this is the only way you can remain firm with your decision of getting relevant leads on different ways to make money from home.

Managing freelance work while on a holiday is really challenging, but if you are really determined to have fun even there is a rush work that cannot be put on hold, then, be prepared to make all the necessary adjustments. Keep in mind that your main reason for the holiday is to unwind and have quality time for yourself and your loved ones. Everything will be accomplished with a happy mood feeling. Energize yourself with the needed rest.

Being sick maybe a compelling issue for any freelancer, especially if you have a deadline to meet, but if you cannot produce quality work, better inform your client about your present condition of being sick. Don’t be afraid if your employer cancels the contract, your health is more important at the moment. You can bounce back to work the moment you feel better. Do everything to be on track again and make up for the missed tasks to satisfy your employer. Keep in mind that employers are humans too and will surely understand if you are sick and need to pause for a while from work. Now, rest and recharge.

A freelancing career can be truly rewarding if you have set your heart and mind in succeeding to this type of online work. Determine your priorities like finding ways to make money while at home and keep a balance to your lifestyle because no matter how eager you are to work on various ways to make money online, if your body is not functioning well, everything will fall behind. Carry on with your freelancing work, connect with agencies or experts who know the ins and outs of the online work industry, then live your life to the fullest.


Ways To Make Money Online: Manage Your Freelance Work

Ways To Make Money Online: Manage Your Freelance Work



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